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A software company with personality..now there's a thing.
Fuma Software is located in London

We are an multidisciplinary agency exploring new interactions in design, communication and technology

Tools and Services from a new brand of design innovation and technology company
Strategic Consulting

We can't claim to know your business, but we'd sure like to hear about it. What we do know, is our business. Discovering new insights and strategies in a maze of digital opportunity is our passion.

We understand organizations don't always know what they want. So you can count on us to find out.

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Visual Identity

A visual identity is the interface of your our organisation, it's the first thing people see. It must articulate vision and mission while evoving an emotional response. First impressions count, at least we think so anyhow.

The limitations of the screen are diminishing but not defeated. Embrace the pixel with due consideration.

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User Experience

Applications enable users to do stuff. But who is this "user"? What are they trying to achieve? Are they just having fun? Are they looking to acquire something? What about usablity and accessibility?

Understanding what people what and why is the first step in developing any relationship.

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Digital Systems

It's not just about eye-candy and digital cool-aid. intelligent design is about simple, reliable, scaleable solutions that are concurrent, distributed and increasingly parallel. Perhaps not so simple after all.

We don't skimp on privacy either. We ensure information and customers are properly protected.

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